Patch Pricing


measurements - Patch Pricing

To get your patch pricing you can calculate the size of your custom embroidered patch by adding the Length + Width and then dividing it by 2.

For example:

The Length of your patch: 2″ + the Width of your patch: 3″ = 5″ Divided by 2 = 2.5″ 2.5″ will be the size of your patch

Embroidery Percentage Chart

Embroidery coverage defines the amount of embroidery across the entire surface of a patch. We base our embroidery percentages upon 3 basic amounts: 50%, 75%, and 100%.

50 75 100 - Patch Pricing

*Red and Black areas represent stitching. White areas represent mesh.

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50% Embroidery - 10pc. minimum

50 embroidery price - Patch Pricing

75% Embroidery - 10pc. minimum

75 embroidery price - Patch Pricing

100% Embroidery - 10pc. minimum

100 embroidery price - Patch Pricing
pvc patches - Patch Pricing
PVC nintendo - Patch Pricing

PVC Patches 50 pc. minimum

PVC Patches are quoted on request. Please use the "Quote Button" to receive a quote, or you can call the toll free number to speak to a sales associate. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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26135 - Patch Pricing
6LIG 21333H01 1 - Patch Pricing
6177 24 - Patch Pricing

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