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Custom patch options are a great way to customize your patches further.
The most popular types of options are simply the way that they attach or adhere to your garment or item. For instance: Iron on patches are a great option for jersey's and sports such as soccer patches, baseball patches, etc. Sew-on patches are more recommended for such things as motorcycle patches, karate patches, etc.


soccer patches

Merrowed Border:

The most common method of sealing the edges of the patch that insures no threads will frey or separate from the patch. This method is used when no complex shapes exist in the patch design

Hot Cut Border:

Adds only $ 0.10 per patch! This border is used on patches with complex outer cut lines and edges that cannot be sewn or merrowed. Hot Cutting involves heating the threads so that they bond at the molecular level, insuring a seal that will not allow threads to separate or frey.

iron on patches

Iron On Patches/Backing:

Adds only $ 0.10 per patch! Iron On Backing takes the work out of attaching custom patches to clothing. Just a few seconds with an iron over the face of the patch and it is permanently sealed to whatever you wish to attach it to!

Peel and Stick Backing:

Adds 15% to the price of the patch!. Easier than Iron On, with a lasting hold on many surfaces and fabrics!

Velcro Backing - 2-Piece:

Adds 25% for 10-49 pieces, and $.99 ea for 50+ pieces: Developed by NASA, Velcro is the ultimate adhering mechanism when reusable attachment is required. We at provide both sides of the Velcro strip, custom cut to the shape of your design for a full seal!

Velcro Backing - 1-Piece Only:

Adds 15% for 10-49 pieces, and $.65 ea for 50+ pieces: The same great quality velcro as our 2-piece velcro backing. This option is ideal if you are only needing one side of the velcro and already have the other side on your garment.


You can calculate the size of your custom embroidered patch by adding the Length + Width and then dividing it by 2.

For example:

The Length of your patch: 2" + the Width of your patch: 3" = 5" Divided by 2 = 2.5"

2.5" will be the size of your patch


Embroidery coverage defines the amount of embroidery across the entire surface of a patch. We base our embroidery percentages upon 3 basic amounts: 50%, 75%, and 100%. Red and Black areas represent stitching, white areas represent mesh.

All of our Custom Patch Orders Include the Following

FREE UPS Air Shipping to Anywhere in the United States

FREE 10 Day Production

FREE Up to 9 Colors Included

FREE Artwork and Revisions


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Custom Patch Thread Colors

soccer patches color

Custom Patch Twill Colors

Choose Twill Backing Color
Choose your Custom Twill Colors

Twill = Background Color of your Patch Design

Thread = Sewn in Colors of Your Patch Design